Apologizes for Racial Slu

Lisanti’s “N-word District”

The Washington Post broke the news that Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti of District 34A (Aberdeen, Abingdon, Bel Camp, Bush River, Edgewood, Havre de Grace, Joppa) was overheard referring to a District in Prince George’s County as a “N-word” District.  Her initial response was to not recall saying it – then it went to “everyone says it”.  But we know that’s not true.

Taken of Economic Matters Committee

Censure & Calls to Resign

Despite calls from Governor Hogan, The Maryland Democratic Party, The Maryland Republican Party, The Legislative Black Caucus, Congressmembers Van Holen, Maryland NAACP, ACLU and Brown, County Exec. Barry Glassman and more, she continues to proctor herself as a fighter and disregards the will of the people.

MA Lisanti News Photo

Expulsion now by April 8

Delegate Lisanti is counting on blind forgiveness.  Given that the censure isn’t enough to address her bold desire to ignore the will of greater minds, a statewide effort has ensued to expel her.  The implications her language has on policy has already been reflected in her campaign style, voting record and communications.

#EXPECTMORE34 – Empower Yourselves Now

The Community Development Team within Harford County is devised of civic minded residents who want to do their part on calling out racism in our elected officials and getting rid of them as swiftly as possible.  District 34A as well as Harford County at large will not sit idle and allow Delegate Lisanti to continue to parade around in Annapolis without answering to doing what is right.  We have drawn the line in the sand.

This isn’t about first amendment rights.  This is about putting an end to racism even when it comes from family, old school friends, neighbors, colleagues, associates with whom we work and politicians.

District 34A deserves better and upon Delegate Lisanti’s departure there will be a nomination process facilitated by the Harford County Democratic Central Committee to fill the vacancy.  Trust the process.  The Governor will appoint a Democrat to fill the vacancy.

Swearing In

There is a role for you.

District 34A residents need to remain vigilant on visiting Annapolis, sending correspondence and remaining visible in Harford County via social media, the press and in the halls of the House of Delegates.  Join us by reaching out to Speaker Pro Tem Adrienne Jones by Phone: 410-841-3391: Fax: 410-841-3157: Email: Adrienne.Jones@house.state.md.us: Physical address – House of Delegates, 6 Bladen Street in Annpolis, Room 312: Twitter: @DelegateAJones