No Racism

Our Philosophy

As a collective of residents interested in forwarding positive representation, we believe that maintaining elected officials who are blatantly racist allows for a severe miscarriage of justice.  We believe that forgiveness is key to progress and that appropriate consequences are key to fairness, justice and resolution.

Our Story

On Thursday, Feb. 28, after the close of the Harford County Democratic Central Committee meeting, we convened given that we had heard Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party (MDP), state that the MDP had called for Delegate Lisanti’s resignation.  We were hoping to hear, at that time, the same of the Harford County Democratic Central Committee.  It was at that moment, we believed that Harford County residents ought to bring their voice to the table.  We met for the first time on March 3, during a snowy Sunday afternoon at the Aberdeen Branch Library to engage in the healing process and conduct an empowerment discussion.

Meet the Co-Founders

We have gone from a team of two to a team of 50+ District 34A and Harford County residents who are serious about doing the work and will of the people and holding Delegate Lisanti accountable for her actions.

Marla Posey-Moss

Marla Posey-Moss


Ms. Posey-Moss is an Aberdeen resident who coordinates with all teammates on assigned tasks, contacts and media outlets.

Carlos Taylor

Carlos Taylor


Mr. Taylor is an Abingdon resident working with the petition, arranging meeting locations and facilitating visits to Annapolis.



Supporter & Team Member

By far the most important person who plays a pivotal role either by writing testimonials, sending e-mails, making calls, tweeting, sending Facebook messages, visiting Annapolis for deliveries, protests and rallies, participating in the crowd to support a press release, donating postage for post cards mailers, etc.  You have a voice and you can play a role.

Next Steps…

Contact us immediately to see where you can play a role.  If you have any extra time in your schedule to provide post cards to residents and spread the word or even drive to Annapolis to make a presence or simply donate stamps, it will be worth it. Please contact Speaker Pro Tem Adrienne Jones and request that she introduce a resolution to expel Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti. The contact for Speaker Pro Tem Jones is: Phone: 410-841-3391; Fax: 410-841-3157; Email:; Address: Maryland House of Delegates, 6 Bladen Street, Annapolis, Room 312; Twitter: @DelegateAJones.