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  1. This is no way to run a democracy! You can’t expel an an elected public official from office just because ten pr twelve extremists dont like her progressive politics! That is Republican autocracy corruption!

    Who is paying for this political commercial? Is this the autocratic idea of Denise at the Harford DCC or Cummings at the Md DCC?

    1. Hello Charles. Thank you for writing. I see you are clearly upset. No democracy can be ran well when constituents lose confidence in their representatives. Only the Maryland General Assembly can expel Delegate Lisanti with 2/3 vote (94 delegates). We, the people, can and will use our constitutional rights to do what we believe is right. What is extreme is saying the N-word Charles. I believe Delegate Lisanti has described herself as a Blue Dog Democrat and that is not the same as being Progressive but that doesn’t matter. This is not a partisan issue. Among other entities such as the Governor, the Maryland Republican Party, County Executive Barry Glassman (all Republican), the Harford County Democratic Central Committee as well as the Maryland Democratic Party has called for the Delegate’s resignation. A resignation would give her a chance to step down on her own volition but an expulsion would force the issue. Regardless, it is a call for her to take a break. The time, money and effort of many are behind this effort, more than what you will ever see or know.

  2. I’ve have known Mary Ann Lisanti and her family my entire life. She is absolutely NOT a racist and has dedicated her life to helping all the diverse people in her community. She deeply cares for her constituents and has always worked to protect their best interests. Yes, she made a mistake, a terrible mistake. She is remorseful and sorry and will work harder than ever to restore her reputation and your confidence in her as both your representative and as a simple yet flawed human being. Her comments were not an expression of her true beliefs, as so many have insisted. They were said in an intoxicated moment. A word that is hateful and inappropriate. A word she loathes and has never used in my presence. However please know that she didn’t commit a crime, she didn’t commit fraud or do anything criminal. The use of the N word was clearly a mistake and not something I have ever heard her express, not ever! All I’m asking is that you understand that she has paid a huge penalty for this, she is beyond remorseful and has experienced great personal pain. She continues to accept responsibility for her actions. I have heard many black members of society use the N word in every day speach and yet that is somehow acceptable and beyond reproach. My point is that we all sometimes say things we don’t mean, and that come out of left field, things said that we truly don’t mean and I know in my heart that Mary Ann is not in any way, shape or form a racist. She has suffered public rebuke and painfull unrelenting ridicule. Enough is enough, let’s show a little compassion for a woman whose life’s work has been beyond reproach. She deserves a chance to make amends to all she has offended. Let’s move on, let’s give her a chance to make amends and to restore your confidence in her as as human being. Trump has said and done horrible things to offend large groups of people and yet no one is demanding he be put out of office. He has never said he was sorry or apologized for his actions nor has he expressed remorse. Let’s try to put this all in perspective. Show each each other some basic compassion and Christian forgiveness. Let’s move on and put this painful event in the past. When Election Day comes the voters will decide who they wish to represent them. And at that time they can weigh the many ways that Mary Ann Lisanti has made amends through her actions and deeds going forward.

    1. Hello Mr. Stagliano. Thank you for writing. Delegate Lisanti has been a legislator for 12+ years and her legislation speaks for itself . Voters can determine how much it has helped common people like you and I. Please understand that she has been forgiven. Yet, as a student protester recently shared, she has freedom of speech but not freedom from consequences. In reading her subsequent responses to the matter it is conflicting and she appears dishonest. There are people who will allow legislators to say whatever they want if there is ENOUGH money involved for projects, if there is ENOUGH favorable legislation, if there is ENOUGH people in the entertainment industry who speak the same language, if there is ENOUGH drunkenness that reveals who they are, etc., etc. I believe what you have to understand is that there are voters and just people in general who maintain a standard of elected officials that are higher than what you consider to be ENOUGH. All of us are dealing with what we believe are the proper mechanisms to heal. The Community Improvement Team believes that the best way to move forward is by not stepping back and Delegate Lisanti has assisted in stepping back. Yes, the voters will decide on Election Day who they want just like they did for Trump. This isn’t a political, partisan, gender, or a religious issue, however. You and I have drawn a different line in the sand about race and what we expect of public officials. You or I have never heard her personally speak in this fashion. Yet, there are locals who have told me otherwise. She simply has a different face with different people. While elected officials are human, the bar of respect and integrity is a bit different for professionals like teachers, police officers and clergy. The ball is in her court, she has a chance to resign and work on all the issues that would make her a better legislator and I pray that one day, she will. However, while she hopes that we will forget what she has done to make inhuman a class of people and voters, I ask Speaker Busch to introduce a resolution to expel her from the Maryland General Assembly.

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